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Types of Pool Fence

We at Pool Fence Guys offer different types of pool fence that all conform to the set standards. The type of pool fence can be determined by the design or style used to install the pool fence or by the materials used to make the pool fence. Here are some of the most common types of pool fences that Pool Fence Guys offers. Some of the most popular pool fences that we offer include; Vinyl pool fence, glass fence, tubular steel and aluminum pool fence.


Pool Fencing Requirements and Regulations

Pool fencing is usually regulated in different countries. Pool fencing regulations were introduced reduce drowning of children in domestic pools due to the ease to gain unsupervised access to the pool. The pool fencing regulations and requirements may vary from one country to another. Pool Fence Guys ensures that all the regulations and requirements are adhered to when installing a pool fence for the client. However, the rules and requirements do not limit the style or color you should use for your pool fence.


Installing Pool Fencing

pool fence installation is a delicate procedure that requires you to not only have durable materials and products but also requires to be done by experienced contractor who is licensed and knowledgeable in all in all regulations for pool fencing in your area. When you call Pool Fence Guys on 844-244-2388 we will give you a quotes that include labor, materials and warranty information. If you need council permission to erect your fence, Pool Fence Guys will help you through the process.

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Despite the pool fences being regulated by the state, you do not have to have a dull looking pool fence; Pool Fence Guys can help you get a beautiful pool fence that adheres to all the set rules and regulations. Whether you want a solid pool fence or one that has gaps between their members; we can help you achieve that will putting the set regulations in place. We have helped many clients get ideal pool fence designs that suit their budget and home. Call us on 844-244-2388 for this and more information about Pool Fence Guys services.

Pool fence inspection and registration

After the pool fence has been successfully installed, it requires inspection and registration with your local authorities. Even after helping you to install the pool fence, Pool Fence Guys will not leave it at that. We will help you with the process of inspection and registration with your local authority.

Pool Fencing Cost

We price our pool fencing services by the square meter. The type of material being used on the pool fence may also influence the cost of installing your pool fence. Timber and PVC are the cheapest materials, followed by aluminum and other metals. Stainless steel and glass panels are the most expensive pool fence materials. Pool Fence Guys will give you comparative quotes for different materials and styles for pool fencing so that you can choose the material that suits your budget. Call us on 844-244-2388 to learn more about the cost needed to completely install a pool fence for your pool.

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