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Professional Design

Pool Fence Guys provides professional pool fence designs that meet the set standards and requirements by the authority and that suit the size and shape of your swimming pool. Prior to carrying out the pool fence installation, proper planning is done by our professional experts. During the planning, we ensure that the client is involved so as to come up with a high quality fence that greatly enhances the beauty and security of your property while staying within your budget and the set regulations for pool fencing by the state.

Quality Construction

Unlike most pool fence companies, Pool Fence Guys does not use prefabricated fence sections or parts. Every piece of every fence is hand crafted in our shop with the highest standards of quality by our experienced fence experts. When our experts are complete with designing the parts of the pool fence, our craftsmen take the designs and begin cutting each fence piece to precisely match the specifications.

As soon as our designers have meticulously engineered each aspect of your project,

Quality Pool Fence Installation

As soon as been custom made to suit the design, Pool Fence Guys skilled installation crews schedule a time with you to install the pool fence. During the day of pool fence installation will arrive at the agreed time and get down with the process of installing the pool fence. They will meticulously place each part of the fence where it is required and carefully install the fence. Pool Fence Guys installation crew is specially trained to utilize the highest construction standards to make your pool fence durable, attractive and safe. The installation is carried out carefully so as to avoid disturbing your existing landscaping. Our main aim is to successfully install the pool fence safely without causing any damages on your landscape.

Pool Fence Guys aims to provide an attractive, safe pool fence to complement your pool design and surrounding landscape. We have a variety of pool fence styles specifically designed to meet swimming pool enclosure codes without sacrificing strength. If you are interested in learning more on other pool fence styles that we offer, call us on 844-244-2388.

Why you need a pool fence

A pool fence not only makes your pool look beautiful but it also helps to protect your kids from accessing the pool without supervision. This can help avoid and dangers of drowning. We at Pool Fence Guys can provide you with wrought pool fence that meet all your needs; however, you may also need to hire fence installers to help you install the fence. Installing the pool fence by yourself is not recommended since you might not be familiar with the set standards and requirements for an ideal pool fence by your state thus you need to get qualified experts. Why not choose Pool Fence Guys to assist you in installing a pool fence that will beautify your yard that matches your house while protecting your family.

Pool Fence Guys installers can handle even the most difficult terrain when installing a new pool. You therefore do not feel afraid to call us on 844-244-2388 and let us help you install a beautiful pool fence that will serve you for a long.

Key features

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